Do you know what it means to be haunted? To lose yourself in a world where you don't quite fit? This selection of stories proves that the emptiest rooms can often be the most crowded. 

With its titular novella acting as anchor, "The Sound of Breaking Glass," an atypical possession tale, dares you to peer into darkened corners in search of other worlds. From a fry cook's unlikely ascent to power, to a fashionista's deconstruction, these stories will wiggle into your brain whether you like it or not.

Exploring loss of self, isolation, and the soul-crushing machine that is capitalism, The Sound of Breaking Glass (and other weird tales) is an unflinchingly weird, lush, and mournful collection of fiction.

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When middle-aged Maggie’s life is thrown asunder by the sudden relocation to a new home, she is forced to relive her dark past even as it threatns the very fabric of her sanity. 

Fighting to keep her wits about her, Maggie is plagued by dreams and memories of her long-dead brother. And as ghosts fill the corners and cracks, it soon seems the house itself aims to punish her for past crimes 

This modern Gothic tale will leave you haunted. 

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This is what happens when a heist goes wrong, and dreams feel too real; when a woman lost at sea calls out to a girl lost on land, and wax figures lining the walls threaten to advance. This is what happens when sadness makes it difficult to speak.

Within is a collection of 8 stories that push desperation to a darkened place. If you can find your way back, rest assured, you'll never be the same.

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