"Greetings From Sunny Daytona Beach!" featured in Chromophobia.

Vacation's can make you fall to pieces.

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 "The Hole in the Bathroom is Filled With Ghosts" featured at Punk Noir Magazine.

What's hidden in your bathroom? 

Available via Punk Noir Magazine






 "In the Meadow" featured in Winter Wonders: An Anthology of Winter-Themed Speculative Fiction from Skullgate Media  

The snowmen are not what they seem.

Available via Amazon






"This Place Has Got Everything" featured in Pizza Parties and Poltergeists from 18thWall Productions.

There's something totally gnarly lurking in the backrooms of this mall.

Available via Amazon and 18th Wall Productions






"My Sister’s a Witch, or They’ll Always Find Someone to Come For" featured on Amethyst Review.

The witch is in the eye of the beholder.

Available via Amethyst Review






"Thicket" featured in Tales From the Moonlit Path's Valentine's Day issue.

The devil isn't in the details--he's in the trees.

Available via Tales From The Moonlit Path






"Shoot the Messengers; Burn the Witch" featured in The Selkie's 2019 Winter Anthology.

They've come for the Devils Daughter. Now what?

Available via The Selkie






"Melody Gloucester Pegasus Jonas" featured in issue 15 of
The NonBinary Review.

A story inspired by Shirley Jackson's We Have Always Lived in the Castle.

Available via Amazon






"Beg the Bee's Forgiveness" featured in issue 43 of
The Sirens Call eZine

What if there isn't anything on the other side?.

Available via Sirens Call Publications

"Scared to Death" featured in issue 37 of The Sirens Call eZine.

Imagined horrors can be worse than reality... Unless your reality is also horrific.

Available via Sirens Call Publications



"Magic Hour" featured in Hindered Souls: Dark Tales for Dark Nights

Following your desires can take you unexpected places.

Available for purchase via Amazon.com







“The Yellow Queen” featured in issue 5 of the NonBinary Review.

A woman falls in love with something that feels very real.

Available via the nonbinaryreview.com







"I Am Not a Runner" featured in issue 2 of Pavor Nocturnus.

This tale will have you watching for blue cars and avoiding darkened paths on your next cemetery stroll.

Available for purchase via Amazon.com






“A Nightmare On Elm Street (Don't Fall Asleep)” featured in
The Yellow Chair Review.

A poem about a about the difficulties of having a friend like Freddy.

Not currently available.






“Brightly Burning Stars” featured in

Womanthology is a large-scale anthology showcasing the works of women in comics

Available via IDW Publishing.